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Sandra Gill, CMT, LMT

Specializing in Seated Chair Massage
throughout the Denver-Metro area
Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997

Chair Massage in the Office

From tech and legal firms to invesment firms to manufacturers, companies throughtout the country are using seated chair massage services to make work less painful and stressful for their employees. Chair massage provides hard-working employees with a convenient method of reducing stress and pain in these competitive times.
Slouching at a desk typing or standing for hours can result in neck, upper back, shoulder, wrist and low back pain. Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are common among workers. A ten to twenty minute stress-reducing chair massage relieves tension in the neck, back, shoulders and arms, reduces irritability and increases productivity.

Chair Massage at Events

Whether it be a grand opening, incentive for purchase, social function or festival, chair massage is a great way to attract attention and keep customers. People appreciate that the business owner is concerned about their well-being and demonstrates this concern by offering seated chair massage. The brief massage of the neck, back, and shoulders will be the talk of your event.

Providing chair massage at Nordstroms

Sandra Gill, CMT, LMT

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